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Sometimes he has to talk, and sometimes he has to keep quiet. Sometimes suggest a completely new hairstyle or listen to a request “just like last time.” A male hairdresser is like a great scissor operator, a good buddy you can trust. And before whom you can admit that hair is not at all an unimportant issue for guys


Men's barbershop. Men's cut. A man's business

Undercut, fade, slide part, pompadour… Not sure what these terms mean? You don’t have to. Barbers are outdoing themselves with specific names for men’s haircut techniques and men’s hairstyles. But it is best to leave this knowledge to the professionals. Such as Darek from Tallulah: twenty years of experience in men’s hairdressing really makes a difference.

The modern man knows that appearance matters and takes care of himself, but he doesn't have the desire or time to race against fashion.

He wants a hairstyle that suits his face and personality, sometimes more classic, sometimes more modern, but above all comfortable and easy to care for on a daily basis. This is what an experienced men’s barber provides.

The capital has many hairdressers, but if you put your hair in only the best hands. This is well known to customers of Tallulah salon, who come to us because they want great hair, a friendly atmosphere, and to spend their time in a uniquely beautiful place.

Our clients include CEOs of large international companies and young students, foreigners living in Warsaw and embassy representatives, artists, musicians, businessmen and actors. They come regularly when they want to refresh their hairstyle or thoroughly change something on their head. And because they feel great in our international salon.

The best hair salon in Warsaw

Men’s haircuts are an art in themselves – as long as they are performed by a professional. Well-cut hair can offset beauty imperfections, add confidence and, above all, is easy to care for on a daily basis.

Every man’s beard is different – and requires individual treatment. Some people like fancy beards that have been groomed for months, while others like a fine, well-trimmed beard. At Tallulah Hair & Beauty, we are able to tailor beard trimming to both your needs and your hairstyle, as well as your face and personality.

True, gray hair can add beauty – especially if properly cared for. At Tallulah Hair & Beauty, we offer, among other things. A quick and safe gray hair covering treatment that makes hair look natural and leaves no regrowth.

Zadbana broda mężczyzny po wizycie u barbera
George Clooney. Seksowne siwe włosy

Men's hairdresser or barber?

Are you looking for a men’s hairdresser in Warsaw who combines knowledge, craftsmanship, experience, passion and ingenuity? Darek, who has been working with us for several decades, specializes exclusively in haircuts for men: he can tame the most unruly hair, go wild with a cut or offer classic elegance.

A good barber provides his clients first and foremost with great craftsmanship, cutting prowess and comprehensive service: from hair to beard.

An experienced men’s barber looks at the client more holistically; in addition to haircuts, he knows how to color men’s hair and advise on daily grooming and styling.

At Tallulah you don’t have to choose, because Darek combines both – barbering imagination and barbering expertise. As evidenced by his impressive group of regular clients, including well-known figures in cultural, sports and business life, who for years have not put their hair in the hands of anyone else.

The best hair salon in Warsaw

"Men's hairstyle is said to be not too demanding, no million colors, curls, buns etc 😉

Tell that to Dar, who uses all sorts of barber’s attributes for an hour to make sure every single hair is in place and at the right length. When you get out of bed the next day after visiting a hairdresser and your hairstyle still looks like it did when you left the salon, know that this is not due to a ton of hairspray on your hair, but the skilled hand of an experienced professional. I recommend and we’ll see you in a few weeks!

Janusz G.


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Prices of services for men

The price of each treatment includes a consultation, wash, grooming, haircut and final shaping / styling

130 zł

men's haircut at Darek's (men's barber)

120 zł

men's haircuts with other stylists

170 zł

men's haircuts and beard trimming

210 zł

covering up gray hair with a haircut


Zabiegi kosmetyczne dla mężczyzn

Beauty salon

In the lower part of the salon there are cosmetic surgeries, which offer a variety of nourishing, conditioning, lifting treatments for men, but also for women.
Manicure męski

Manicure for men

Our manicurists perform treatments for both ladies and gentlemen - it can be a manicure for men, a pedicure for men or a therapeutic pedicure for people with foot problems.


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