Dear clients! We care about you - and about ourselves!

Dear customers! 

With the ongoing pandemic of the Covid-19 coronavirus, the situation is very serious. This difficult time is the ultimate test of our solidarity: not only do we have to take care of our own health but also the health of others – our clients, emplyees, our families, neighbours, friends as well as absolute strangers. Wariness, even excessive, is currently necessary for all of us.


In Tallulah we treat your – and our – health and safety incredibly seriously. Cleanliness, hygiene and disinfection (sterilization of tools, the use of disposable things etc.) are in our salon a daily behaviour. 

However, because of the danger of coronavirus, we have strengthened our rules to take care of your safety. You can yourself notice some of the changes we made – for example we no longer welcome you with a hand-shake, during the day we often disinfect common parts (the handles, work areas), we work in gloves, we no longer hand you your jackets and we encourage you to wash your hands before and after the appointment etc. We do it for you and for us.

But we also need your help and cooperation.


We sincerely ask you to reschedule your appointment in Tallulah for 2 to 3 weeks from now, if:

– you have a cold, you feel weakened, you have any signs of reduced immunity (immunodeficiency)

– you came back from a country with an extremely high incidence (like China, Italy, South Korea, Iran, Germany)

– you were in contact with an infected person or people from their surroundings

– from whatever reason you are quarantined.

In Tallulah we are working normally, however we want to take care of your and our own safety as best as possible. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. We promise to inform you right away about any changes.